QNS Recruiting is Pennsylvania’s premier healthcare recruiting firm, with more than a decade of experience successfully connecting quality providers with leading care facilities. Through its comprehensive approach to recruitment and placement, QNS ensures the right fit — for the practitioner, the care center and above all, its patients — every time, creating an environment where healthcare careers thrive.

Permanent Placements

In today’s diverse healthcare landscape, QNS cuts through the clutter and connects passionate, experienced care providers, administrators and managers with thriving organizations, agencies and facilities looking for top talent. Through targeted recruitment, skills assessments and access to exclusive job listings, QNS achieves top-quality placements that last.

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Part-time and PRN Staffing

Whether it’s a flexible work schedule or part-time commitment, QNS works closely with a variety of diverse care centers, each with unique staffing and service needs. Hardworking, experienced managers and care providers are always in demand. QNS strives to connect those providers with part-time and PRN availability in thriving, stable environments where they can excel.

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Internships are a critical first step in any healthcare career — and QNS can help. QNS recruiters have access to many exclusive internship openings, including specialized placements and targeted training programs. For recent graduates and those still in school, a successful QNS internship match means increased hands-on training, a stronger skill set and, in many cases, a long-term position.

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QNS Recruiting works with a diverse client base of healthcare facilities, nursing homes, hospice care centers and in-home agencies, delivering passionate, experienced candidates across a variety of in-demand fields. With each new position, QNS leverages a comprehensive 360-degree approach to recruit and place the perfect candidate, ensuring long-term success from day one.

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